Two Great Apps That Will Enhance Your Productivity

How often has it happened to you when you typed a certain document, forgot to save it and then for some unforeseen forces, you lost your document? It got deleted due to power failure or your screen froze and wouldn’t save anything?

As a blogger, I need to type anywhere I go. Yes, I take my super computer with me and whenever I get a great idea, my mind seizes it and wouldn’t let go until I get it down on paper metaphorically, so I just have to write it down right away. Sometimes, in the process of writing, the unthinkable has happened. My document wouldn’t save! So I am greatly relieved to have found this simple yet easy to use and extremely useful app.

What is Write Space?

This is a text editor, found in your Chrome browser and can be customized. Its purpose is to allow you to write even when offline and “to minimize distractions between you and your writing.”

What does it do?

Automatic saving.

Everything you do with your keyboard is automatically saved. You are assured that nothing will be lost.

Offline. It allows you to work even if you are offline, or even without internet connection.

Local saving. All data will be saved in your own computer.

Quick word count. You can easily see your how many words you have written. No need to find specific menus just to get that.

Can be personalized. You can change the font, fontsize, and background.

A quick note though, you still need to literally copy and paste what you have written on Write Space to transport it to your final document.


Another really cool app to use is Evernote.

Evernote will help you remember everything. It is symbolized by a green elephant. Elephants, as noted in The Jungle Book never forget.

You can take notes of your experiences, topics discussed in meetings, articles you found in the net or practically anything you come across by using Evernote. This app will allow you to keep notes, or to record audio reminders. It is so easy to use and will allow you to access what you have saved from any computer or phone you use.

Here’s what you can do with Evernote.

Evernote does not only allow you to make a list of entries in it. These entries are your list of ideas or experiences you want to save.

Evernote can synchronize your notes for you for easy access.

You can send emails to Evernote. So you don’t need to keep logging in just to add to your notes.

You can share your notes by sending emails.

You can save images, article blogspots, and more!

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Google Nexus One’s Extravaganza

The latest issue of today is about what they call the Google’s baby. Google announced their new phone which is called the Google Nexus One.

Nexus One is a smart phone from Google that uses the Android Open Source mobile Opening System (Android 2.1). The 2.1 firmware version of the Android OS adds a few aesthetics changes, such as “Live Wallpapers”, which are animated in the background and react to different user inputs. It is manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corporation, and was released on January 5, 2010. This phone is sold through Google website, at a price of $529 unlocked. It is not restricted to any particular mobile network provider and subsidized into $179 when purchased with a T-Mobile two year contract. This $179 T-Mobile price is only for individuals who are not currently under contract with T-Mobile. If one currently has T-Mobile contract, the price of the phone rises to $279.99.

The Nexus One trademark application was filed by Google Inc. on December 10, 2009 in International Trademark Class 9 for “Computer Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products” with description of “Mobile phones”.
This device has a number of notable software features that make the phone a pleasure to use.

Features of the phone include the ability to transcribe voice to text, noise canceling dual microphones, and voice direction while driving.

The Nexus One has access to more than 20,000 applications through the Android Market. The list of applications installed on the phone can be access by pressing a single button that replaces the “Application Drawer”. The thumbnail list can be scrolled up and down and as it’s scrolled the application scroll up into a 3D cube instead of disappearing from the screen. The screen bounces of similarly to the iPhone functionality.

The Media Gallery of the phone provides several features that allows the user to brows, edit and share photos and videos on the phone. The Nexus One has a 3.7 inch capacitive touch screen capable of handling multi-touch gestures. It consists of illuminated trackball which is used to emit different color of light based on the type of notification being received. The phone has a second microphone on the back that monitors inbound noise and automatically cancels it out during phone conversation. It is provided by a 4-conductor TRRS style 3.5 mm stereo head set jack. It adds microphone function to the stereo earphones. The phone also features a 5.0 megapixel auto-focus camera consist of LED flash and digital zoom, GPS receiver, Bluetooth 21 + EDR and 802.11 big WiFi capabilities.

It has a snapdragon processor that allow for many advanced capabilities including 720p video playback. There is a built in hardware decoding and is capable of playing MP3, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, and MIDI audio, and it can display the JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP image formats. It has a micro USB port instead of the common mini-USB port, has a 4GB storage capacity but can be expandable into 32GB by the use of micro SD card and has 250hr battery life in a standby mode.

The multi-touch experience of the Nexus One is similar to that of other multi-touch enabled smart phones (iPhone, Palm Pre, etc.). Nexus One has also become the first smart phone to beat the iPhone 3Gs in CNET’s comparison show.

The Nexus One is thinner and lighter compared to the iPhone 3Gs and can be easily synchronize with all Google applications, such as G-mail, Google contacts and calendar.

This device has more advantages compared to other 3G iPhones. iPhones got only 3.5 inch touch screen while Nexus One has 3.7 inch screen. iPhone got a resolution of about 320 by 480 while Nexus One got 480 by 800. The iPhones processor is 600 megahertz while the processor of the Nexus One is 1Ghertz. This is quite a bit faster than iPhones. iPhone can do multi-tasking only via jail breaking while Nexus One can do it without condition.

The Nexus One is an important milestone in Smartphone market. It is said to be the Google’s vision of perfect Android device that make up the whole thing perfect. From the ideal screen and extremely fast Snapdragon processor to the software sophistication of the Google Navigation, Live wallpapers and the voice keyboard.

The screen and the outer smooth and brightly covering of the device should be protected by some damages caused by falling, slipping, and much more. Damages can make your device uncomfortable to use and can make your day disappointing.

If you want to protect the screen and outer covering of your device, Shield Skins is the best invisible protector that really fits for your iPod touch. Shield Skins is one that can protect any device from scratches, scuffs, scrapes and much, much more. Your device will surely stay as good looking, same as the day that you took it out from its box.

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The Medical Practice Software You Need

If you manage a medical office, you know that medical practice software is something you really shouldn’t skimp on. With the right application, you can achieve more efficient control of office management, patient files, financial bookkeeping and appointment organization.

There are a variety of practice management software products available for purchase. But which are the right products for your needs?

Pick Your Pleasure

Consider first the type of practice management software that will work best for you in practical terms. Do you need medical practice software for the desktop computer in use in the offices? Or perhaps software obtained through the Internet server would be more suited for your needs.

Outsourced Applications?

Also in question is whether you want to utilize the medical practice software yourself or go through an outside source to handle the computer software for you. If you are using the practice management software yourself within the medical office space, be prepared to have adequate space on your server. Also be sure the software you purchase comes with some kind of technical support services, unless you have a computer genius working at your site who can get you through any glitches or questions that may come up as you’re working with the new software you’ve had installed.

Some questions to ask when deciding upon which software you’ll need are varied and depend upon your individual situation. One of the most basic questions you’ll want answered is how functional will this software be for my needs? Is it cumbersome to use or is it user-friendly?

If your staff will be using the new software, you’ll want to investigate the training process. How long will this process take? How effective will the software be once your staff has mastered it?

The best practice management software is the one that satisfies all of your office needs. But if your billing system is efficient and has been working fine for you for years, then perhaps you won’t need that function in the medical practice software that you are considering. Some programs, though, can effectively bill insurance companies and eliminate one or two steps that will save you time and money.

Many medical offices purchase a medical practice management system in order to take advantage of electronic medical records. Gone are the days of doctors scribbling notes on a page of a patient’s medical folder to be kept on file for years. Patient histories, exam notes, lab results, and other chart entries enable the doctor and nurse to quickly integrate, via the software, a patient’s situation. Referrals and notes from other physicians the patient has seen are put into the system and this helps greatly if group consultations are needed. Communication can be the key to a patient’s recovery.

When shopping around for applications, go with the company that will let you try before you buy. When you have a chance to test the program within your office for a certain period of time, you’ll best be able to see whether or not this is the best purchase you can make. Whether you need more efficient insurance billing, better-kept medical records, efficiency in tracking lab results or appointment scheduling, medical practice software is a must-have product for today’s electronic offices.

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What a Social Media Company Should Offer: A Checklist for Small Business

Small business marketing should include consulting that utilizes social networking as a way to promote products or services. A business page on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is free for now, but the labor, time and expertise it takes to regularly promote a company on social media are not.

An effective social media company needs to provide specific services in order to run an online marketing campaign. What services should a small business owner expect when hiring a consultant? This article will outline key activities in social media that will lead to more prospects and sales. By increasing the bottom line for a business and increasing friends and members for an organization, it will become apparent why all small businesses need to set-up social networking accounts.

Set-up of Social Media Business Accounts: Having a personal page on Facebook is not enough to promote a company. Opening up a business page is just the first step in embracing social networking as a source of leads and sales. A consultant should offer to set-up a Facebook page in the company name and assign a person to administer this page. A Twitter business account as well as a business page on LinkedIn should also be established.

Regular Posting: There are many ways to communicate with friends and contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. On Facebook, members can post a link to a website, a photo or graphic or a video. This communication is instant and it’s public. When posting occurs on a social networking business page, it automatically gives the business more exposure within the social networking community and on search engines. A social media company should offer a business a weekly plan for posting to accounts. If the objective is to drive more traffic through a website, then links back to the website may be posted. If the business is promoting specials or providing Internet coupons, then these offers may be posted to accounts. Content should be reviewed by business owners or stakeholders before posting.

Increase Friends and Contacts: Friend seeding on social networks is actually encouraged by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites supply user friendly software designed to transfer email account contacts and other social networking site contacts to the desired social networking site. Many small business owners are unaware they can increase friends this way or are unfamiliar with how to use the software on Facebook. A consultant will find friends, contacts, and followers for the business page. The consultant should also suggest using Facebook ‘Like’ and Twitter ‘Follow’ icons on the company website so people can easily join the business page. There are other methods of increasing friends, too. A social media company should continue to cultivate new friends and contacts throughout the campaign.

Dialogue with Friends and Contacts:
Once friends and contacts are on the rise and social networking accounts are on the move, dialogue will become increasingly important. The business owners or stakeholders may not have time to stay on top of inquiries, comments, or even complaints. A social media company should provide this type of ongoing account maintenance. In order to perform effective sales, companies need to keep friends and contacts engaged. This comes through meaningful and value-added dialogue. Answering questions and posting comments to other posts are a great way to stimulate conversation. Sometimes public dialogue in a social media environment encourages others to join in and take an interest in a company’s products or services.

With social networking accounts, the most important activities involve posting regularly, staying engaged with friends and contacts, and keeping a conversation lively, informative, and interesting. A social media company can and should provide all of this — and more.

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