Nokia 6600 Slide – The Classic and Royal Mobile Phone

Today, the modern mobile phone users have become more intelligent in purchasing such gadgets. Without having accurate details, the users don’t prefer to avail any gadget. Recently, the brand has released numerous advanced widgets like Nokia 6600 Slide. This flip designed device comes with GSM connectivity that gives the users the freedom to use their gadget all over the globe. This fabulous handset has also been enhanced with the latest 2.2 inches of TFT screen that supports great backup of 16 million colours with a wide resolution screen of 240 x 320 pixels. Thus, the flashy display of this mobile phone has been liked by everyone all over the world. In terms of messaging options this superb device comes enriched with the SMS, MMS, Email and Instant Messaging options. Therefore, the users can enjoy interacting with their family members and friends.

Along with that, this sleek designed handset comes enriched with a powerful standard Li-ion battery that provides a backup of 340 hours of standby time and 4 hours of talk time. Thus, you are not required to charge your handset at frequent intervals. This Nokia 6600 Slide device is even compatible with a memory capacity of 18 MB of internal memory which with the support of a microSD card can be expanded up to 4 GB in order, to expand the memory further. Hence, the users can save enough data in the widget.

This dazzling widget has a WAP 2.0/x HTML browser facility which would enable you to access the Internet at a great ease. Along with that, this smart phone comes packed with some data transferring options like Class 32 GPRS, Class 32 EDGE and HSCSD. Moreover, the Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP technology help the users to exchange data such as movies, video clips, songs and many more files with other compatible gadgets. This Nokia mobile phone also consists of a stereo FM radio further supported by RDS applications and an integrated media player that has the ability to support various music file formats such as MP3, AAC, eAAC and WMA. Hence, you can get connected to your favorite radio stations whenever you want. Furthermore, this device also comes equipped with 3.2 mega pixels of camera through which the users can take beautiful images and videos.

This widget also comes with numerous interesting features such as MP3 Ringtones, Nokia Maps, Voice memo applications and so on. The voice memo option of this handset would allow you to save your precious time at ease. This high end gadget comes with a net weight of 110 grams along with the attractive dimensions of 90 x 45 x 14 mm. Therefore, this handset is quite easy to carry anywhere. Numerous entries and fields can also be feeded in the phone book of this perfect handset.

In the present times, a number of online mobile phone websites have been designed, that gives full information and specification regarding such high end handsets. Hence, the users can easily make comparison of different handsets, that are provided by the multiple companies in a very short time. Therefore, it is easy to find out the perfect handset which would perfectly suit your personality.

This Nokia 6600 Slide phone is also a perfect match for every individual in the society. Hence, go and grab this widget from an appropriate mobile phone store. The extraordinary feature of this gadget further makes it an unique model. This is a dashing device which can create an impression on the people around you. At last, it can be said that this is a high-end mobile phone, which can truly fulfill the needs and desires of the modern mobile users.

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Pictorea Digital Photo Frame – New Frames to Hold Old Memories

Gone are the days when you had to fill entire walls with photos of the by gone days that proclaim your life and the process associated therewith. You had to buy film for your camera, load it properly which you learn after amateur losses, focus and shoot, till you run out of spool. Then you had to rewind the film, manually till automatic turned up, pack it in that dark plastic container and take it to the lab to be processed. You decide on the size of print, whether you want it framed; if so, then how? You buy the prints and the framed, bring it home, nail the wall and let it hang. That way you fill up entire walls telling your story in pictures, year after year till you run out of walls to hang photo frames. Douh!

If that is what you had been doing so far, stop sinning any more. Christmas is just around the corner. Try getting blessed with a Pictorea digital photo frame, instead. Available in sizes 7, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 32 inches, you can display your best pictures on any wall of any size.

With the economic recession poking its head and if you end up scared and counting every penny you spend, it’s a good sign that you know what to value and when. Pictorea digital photo frames are available across a wide price range starting from £ 30’s. Trims of the photo frames come in a variety of finishes from red wood to clear acrylic. The clear digital LCD display screen is state of art and can compete with the market leaders for the best picture clarity.

There are models with a wide range of features too. Pictorea digital frames have models that can double up as your kid monitor too. It is wireless enabled and has a wireless camera connected which has sensors that get activated either by sound or motion and starts beaming live images from the kid’s room are where ever fixed. If you are a camera or photo freak Pictorea digital photo frames would quiet naturally and fittingly compliment your décor. The images need to be uploaded in to a SD card or a USB to be slotted into the frame.

It is multi card and format readable and is CF/MD/MS/SD/MMC/XD/USB compatible. Pictorea digital photo frames are extremely easy to use as a remote accompanies most models and the menu is user friendly too. Also you can play music along with displaying your images as an accompaniment through the attached speakers. Pictorea digital photo frames plays a multitude of audio and video formats namely MPEG1/2/4 JPG/JPEG and MP3. The contrast and brightness of the screen can be adjusted to suit the luminosity of the room it is hung or mounted in. With the Christmas season swinging in at full speed, and if you are looking for non-conventional gifting solutions to the ones you love there couldn’t be a better way than to buy them a Pictorea digital photo frames and tell them how much you love them.

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How To Play Movies On An Apple Mac Computer

I got a question where someone asked me how to “play movies on Apple computer”. The answer to this depends on what you mean by playing movies.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because the person who asked just said they wanted to know “how to play movies on Apple computer” and didn’t mention if they meant a DVD movie, a movie they’d downloaded off the Internet, or a video file (or movie) on a web page. Depending on which they meant, the answer is a little different.

First off, let’s assume that when they said “play movies on Apple computer” that they meant a DVD movie.

Well, that’s a very simple answer: any Mac (Apple computers are called Macs, with specific models like iMac, MacBook, etc.) made in the last several years can play DVDs. 99% of the time, just pop the DVD in the drive, and DVD Player will open automatically and start playing the movie.

Worst case scenario, you’ll need to open your hard drive, then open the Applications folder, then look for the file DVD Player, and double-click it, and the movie will play. It’s very rare for you to have to do anything more than pop the DVD in the drive.

So another possible meaning for “play movies on Apple computer” would be a movie you’ve downloaded off the Internet. There’s a lot of different types of video files (video just means moving pictures, just like a movie) that are sent by email, or that can be downloaded off a web site.

If you want to play a movie or TV show you’ve bought from the iTunes Store, iTunes itself will play the movie using Quicktime. Quicktime is a program made by Apple for both their own Apple Mac computers, as well as for Windows PCs, and it comes automatically with iTunes.

Quicktime can play a lot of different types of video files, so it’s one way to play movies on Apple computer. If you’ve got a movie file that you got by email, or that you saved from a website, Quicktime will probably play it, and it is already installed on every computer made by Apple.

There are exceptions, so if you can’t play a video file (movie) when you double-click it, and Quicktime gives you an error message, then another option is the free VLC Player.

VLC Player is a free program that will play just about any type of video file you can get off the Internet, personally it’s my favorite way to play movies on Apple computers. VLC Player is also available for Windows.

Lastly, if the person who asked how to “play movies on Apple computer” was talking about playing the movie on a web page, then again, Quicktime will work for a lot of these movies, and VLC might do the trick too (although I’ve had problems in the past getting it to play movies that are “embedded” in web pages).

One of the most popular ways to put videos onto web pages is in Flash format. Flash Player is free, and comes already installed on most computers. As time passes, though, this looks likely to be replaced by “HTML5” which will let your web browser play videos without having to add Flash Player or any other extra “browser plug-ins”.

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Compare Online Scheduling Providers Thoroughly Before Making a Decision for Business Booking Needs

Accurate appointment-scheduling is an important piece of the operations puzzle at service-based businesses. In fact, it’s a task that could make or break a small business. Imagine the chaos that could ensue if a salon, spa or massage therapy office did not require appointments and was suddenly inundated with dozens or even hundreds of walks-ins. Not only would it place a tremendous burden on staff, it could also have an effect on other operational considerations, such as inventory on supplies and items needed for the provided service. And, perhaps most important, it could create a negative experience for customers or clients, who may go elsewhere for better service.

Given these scenarios, it’s no wonder why service-based businesses of all sizes are turning to cloud-based scheduling software to help automate, streamline and improve their appointment-scheduling and reservation-booking processes. These applications are accessible right through the Internet in the same manner as online banking, e-mail and social media sites, and they generally don’t require any additional hardware or internal IT support, a plus for small businesses operating with a tight budget.

As with any software, there’re a slew of different providers and services available. While many seem alike and appear to offer the same type of functionality and benefits, looks can be deceiving. It is, therefore, important for a service business considering scheduling software to thoroughly exam the service provider before deciding.


When conducting research into scheduling software providers, service-based businesses and organizations should keep the following items in mind:

• Cloud-based versus “traditional”. This should be a given, but those not familiar with current technology may have a tough time distinguishing “traditional” software-applications purchased at retail outlets and electronics stores that require installation-and cloud-based software, which are accessible in the same manner as any Web site or page. Cloud-based applications are usually more appealing to service-based operations than “boxed” software, since they don’t require any installations, downloads or additional (and sometimes expensive) hardware. Additionally, they don’t require an internal IT staff member or outside contractor to oversee. The scheduling service provider will typically manage the software and any updates or upgrades without any additional action required from the business utilizing it.

In addition to the administrative side of the software, another distinguishing characteristic is the functionality a cloud-based program offers. Important features such as online customer self-scheduling and automated e-mail and text message reminders are typically not found in traditional, store-bought software. Without them, the application is simply an internal scheduler with no online interaction, something that’s important if a business wants to accept appointments online and improve their scheduling procedures.

• Features. Not all scheduling software applications are the same when it comes to functionality, and it’s up to the business owner or operator to determine what he or she plans on using it for and what features the business could benefit from. Common features found in many scheduling software applications include: online customer self-scheduling, whereby an individual can book his or her appointment or reservation at his or her own convenience, 24 hours a day; automated e-mail and text message reminders sent prior to scheduled service time; online customer payment options; record-keeping and reporting capabilities; and e-marketing.

A good way to get a feel of what the software offers, its ease of use and how it will fit into overall business operations is to try it out first. Many online scheduling software providers offer a free trial of their product, which is highly recommended before actually purchasing it. Both owners and staff need to feel comfortable using the software.

• Cost. Budget considerations factor into every purchase a service-based business or organization makes. Fortunately, most cloud-based scheduling software services are affordable and fit into any operational budget. Some providers offer “pay-as-you-go” plans, with no long-term contracts. Common clichés such as, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” and “You get what you pay for” are applicable in so many different facets of our lives, and choosing the right scheduler for your business is no exception. If the price and services seem too good to be true, they probably are.

• Security. Although sometimes overlooked, security is an important consideration when choosing a cloud-based scheduler. Both your business and customer information will be housed and maintained externally by the service provider on servers and database. Most scheduling software providers utilize the latest and most secure processes available; nonetheless, the peace-of-mind of knowing data is safe can be priceless. Inquire on what security, safety and back-up measures the provider utilizes.

• Support. Some software providers have a reputation of offering less-than-ideal customer support once a business owner purchases a product or service. An appointment-scheduling application will probably play an important role in operations, and an owner, operator or staff member should not be left in the dark. Find out what type of customer support the provider offers, such as phone, e-mail or chat. An FAQ page may not always be sufficient, and communicating to a live person can be a tremendous benefit when an issue arises.

An online scheduling application may be exactly what a service-based business needs to improve the way it manages its customers and their appointments. Before jumping in, be sure to do a little research. It can go a long way in choosing an appointment-scheduling application that’s just right for you and your business.

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