Pictorea Digital Photo Frame – New Frames to Hold Old Memories

Gone are the days when you had to fill entire walls with photos of the by gone days that proclaim your life and the process associated therewith. You had to buy film for your camera, load it properly which you learn after amateur losses, focus and shoot, till you run out of spool. Then you had to rewind the film, manually till automatic turned up, pack it in that dark plastic container and take it to the lab to be processed. You decide on the size of print, whether you want it framed; if so, then how? You buy the prints and the framed, bring it home, nail the wall and let it hang. That way you fill up entire walls telling your story in pictures, year after year till you run out of walls to hang photo frames. Douh!

If that is what you had been doing so far, stop sinning any more. Christmas is just around the corner. Try getting blessed with a Pictorea digital photo frame, instead. Available in sizes 7, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 32 inches, you can display your best pictures on any wall of any size.

With the economic recession poking its head and if you end up scared and counting every penny you spend, it’s a good sign that you know what to value and when. Pictorea digital photo frames are available across a wide price range starting from £ 30’s. Trims of the photo frames come in a variety of finishes from red wood to clear acrylic. The clear digital LCD display screen is state of art and can compete with the market leaders for the best picture clarity.

There are models with a wide range of features too. Pictorea digital frames have models that can double up as your kid monitor too. It is wireless enabled and has a wireless camera connected which has sensors that get activated either by sound or motion and starts beaming live images from the kid’s room are where ever fixed. If you are a camera or photo freak Pictorea digital photo frames would quiet naturally and fittingly compliment your décor. The images need to be uploaded in to a SD card or a USB to be slotted into the frame.

It is multi card and format readable and is CF/MD/MS/SD/MMC/XD/USB compatible. Pictorea digital photo frames are extremely easy to use as a remote accompanies most models and the menu is user friendly too. Also you can play music along with displaying your images as an accompaniment through the attached speakers. Pictorea digital photo frames plays a multitude of audio and video formats namely MPEG1/2/4 JPG/JPEG and MP3. The contrast and brightness of the screen can be adjusted to suit the luminosity of the room it is hung or mounted in. With the Christmas season swinging in at full speed, and if you are looking for non-conventional gifting solutions to the ones you love there couldn’t be a better way than to buy them a Pictorea digital photo frames and tell them how much you love them.

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